Intelligent Manufacturing with Nutanix Xi IoT

Industry 4.0 has begun -- are you poised for success in the new era? Industry 4.0 is powered by IoT devices, sensors, and web-enabled applications that can process streams of manufacturing data right on the shop floor. IoT represents a computing paradigm shift from the centralized cloud model to the decentralized edge computing model.

Watch now to find out:

  • How long-standing applications like SCADA can co-exist with newer apps that use AI, containers, analytics, to minimize operational technology (OT) complexity
  • How to address challenges at the IT-OT nexus, including planet-scale operations, security at the edge, security of data, onboarding developers, and cloud-native concepts
  • Why a platform approach is better than a vertical applications mindset, and why your application vendors and developers are already thinking this way