IDC Paper on Re-defining Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix Xi Cloud Services and Google Cloud Platform

Although hybrid cloud is a central part of the IT strategy for many organizations, hybrid cloud deployment presents several operational challenges such as interoperability and integration, much-needed API standardization, and latency and bandwidth constraints between dissimilar cloud architectures. To address these challenges, Nutanix and Google Cloud have partnered to deliver Nutanix Xi for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This IDC whitepaper describes how this partnership will deliver seamless workload and data mobility between public and private cloud infrastructure.

It will help you understand:

  • The range of Xi and GCP services that will be available to help you succeed with hybrid cloud
  • How architectural design elements such as interoperability, integration, networking and security work between the two environments
  • Automating provisioning and streamlining application lifecycle management across Nutanix and GCP using the Nutanix Calm solution