Financial Services Tech Innovation


Financial Services Tech Innovation

Speeding Transformation through Datacenter Modernization with Security First Design

Financial Services Tech Innovation

The finance industry is being impacted by the digital revolution on a global level. We know that digital transformation speed-to-market and implementing on-prem cloud-like agility is combining to put IT teams under serious pressure. Regulators remain vigilant, data privacy is of paramount importance and the next cyber-security breach is just one click-a-way. Lastly IT budgets and resources are never going to grow as fast as the workload demands. The datacenter is the glue that makes it work and the pace of innovation is driving financial institutions to embrace new enterprise IT partners like Nutanix.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The state of play in financial services digital transformation and the specific speed-to-market factors driving datacenter modernization
  • What it means to have a modern financial services datacenter with security-first design including the key questions you should be asking
  • A typical datacenter modernization journey and best practices to achieve success

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