Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software pre-installed on Inspur inMerge appliances

Merge agility with performance to transform your IT

Eliminate the complexity and cost of legacy infrastructure

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software combines the speed and simplicity of the public cloud with the security and control you need in a private cloud. This solution merges Inspur servers and Nutanix software to create a scalable, simple, and easy to deploy appliances.

Simplify Your IT Infrastructure

Let your infrastructure to disappear into the background rather than demand significant time and resources. This allows you time to focus on core business and innovation.

Available Everywhere in China

Your business relies on the ease of adding capacity at a moment’s notice. Given Inspur’s position as the #1 supplier of servers in China, Inspur’s network of resellers can provide the infrastructure wherever needed.

Services and Support

Inspur is available to assist customers in designing and deploying the ideal solution for datacenter modernization.

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