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  • Seamless App Mobility
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Build a Hybrid Cloud in less than one hour

Lift and Shift

Move applications to the public cloud with no code change

On Demand Elasticity

Rapidly burst into public cloud to meet seasonal increase in demand

Business Continuity

Quickly build-out disaster recovery sites in any public cloud region

Cloud Native Services

Modernize applications and connect natively to cloud services

How NC2 Works

Create MyNutanix Account

Fill out the form to create your MyNutanix account and start the 30-day Free trial of NC2 to access the NC2 portal

Configure AWS Accounts

Run a Cloud Formation script from the NC2 portal to configure your AWS accounts so that NC2 can manage your AWS EC2 bare metal instances

Build a Hybrid Cloud

Create a NC2 and launch Prism Element in AWS. Configure the Prism Element from AWS cluster with Prism Central instance from your private cloud and move applications across clouds with no code change!

See Nutanix Clusters in Action

Nutanix Clusters 帮助我们在 Nutanix 数据中心和 AWS 里,轻松创建混合云环境,使我们能够在需要时于 AWS 中快速扩展容量,从而及时从备份中恢复工作负载。

Craig Wiley, Penn National Insurance 高级基础架构系统架构师

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Start 30-Day Free Trial of Nutanix Clusters

Easily move applications across Nutanix private cloud and AWS with no code change

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