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Simple, scalable and reliable file storage for the cloud era.

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What is Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files is a software-defined scale-out file storage solution. It improves storage services by providing high availability, massive scale, simplified self-service management, self-tuning and self-healing. Unlike other NAS solutions it can be deployed stand alone or as part of your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Bring cloud flexibility and enterprise capabilities to your datacenter with Nutanix Files.

How can Nutanix Files help you?


VM and file storage are on the same cluster, eliminating the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure stack for standalone NAS solutions. Use Nutanix Prism for single click deployment and day 0 to N management eliminating unnecessary domain expertise.


Files is a 100% software-based service that can be deployed in minutes and scaled on demand with a single click.


Storage can be scaled independently of compute. A storage heavy or storage only Nutanix node can be added to the cluster, and additional file server VMs can be deployed instantaneously.


Files makes sure data is available during software upgrades, hardware upgrades and unexpected failures with no bottlenecks or isolated points of failure. Files Leverages automated load balancing and intelligence for self-healing.


Native snapshots, change block tracking, and self-service recovery make recovery of files extremely easy.


Files can be deployed on stand-alone clusters purely meant for file serving or integrated where virtual machines and data live in the same cluster.

How will you use Nutanix Files?

File Shares and On-Prem File Cloud

File storage for departmental and ROBO shares, home directories, and file clouds requires simplicity, flexibility and scale. Nutanix Files deploys in minutes creates shares in a single click and scales up and out on commodity hardware to meet your use case and economic needs.

Backup Repository

Backup consumes a large part of your enterprise storage. Nutanix Files enables frequent backup and fast recovery while matching performance needs to storage economics for your operational recovery backup tier.

Applications Data

When applications require secure, protected file repositories, Nutanix Files provides a software defined file storage repository with in a single name space accessible through multi-protocol support for easy, unified access and massive scale.

Scale up or Scale out on demand easily and invisibly

Files allows you to easily scale from 100s of users to 10s of thousands of users enabling you to store billions of files and PBs of data.

Dashboards for Quick Analytics

Nutanix Files integrated analytics provides helpful tool tips
for easy navigation of data insights.

Nutanix Files provides:

Turnkey Deployment

Deploy as a stand-alone file storage solution for centralized management of file data or as part of your HCI infrastructure for better cluster utilization.

Single Namespace

Provide single namespace access to your entire file cluster scaling to hundreds of PB and billions of files across multiple nodes.

Scale and Performance

Flexibly grow to handle massive scale and tens of thousands of user sessions. As the environment grows, the cluster can be scaled up or scaled out non-disruptively.

Enterprise Ready NAS Consolidation

Intelligent tiering, compression, erasure coding, replication and more, all the NAS features your enterprise requires In a silo busting distributed scale out file solution.


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