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Purpose-Built Backup and Recovery for Nutanix

HYCU raises the simplicity bar with the only backup and recovery software purpose-built for Nutanix

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HYCU delivers 360° Data Protection Simplicity for Nutanix

We tapped into 25 years of expertise and insights from millions of users to bring you surprisingly simple, fully reliable application and data protection for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Learn HYCU for Nutanix in less than four minutes, deploy in three, recover in two, backup in one.

Validated solutions:

  • HYCU solution is validated on AHV


Wish your backup infrastructure was as simple as your Nutanix? Dealing with legacy, siloed backup infrastructure? Not anymore!

With HYCU, make backups and recovery an integral part of your Nutanix management and raise the simplicity bar with intelligent application data protection.

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Done Before You Know It

No more bolt-on, legacy backup and recovery products that dilute Nutanix simplicity. With the HYCU familiar Nutanix look and feel, native integration, and hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV and ESX, and ability to manage and protect across Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments, there’s no hassle from the get-go.

Automated Application Focus

No more partially-recovered applications. HYCU uniquely sees through VMs to discover where every application is running, initiates single-click backup and automates application-specific recovery workflows.

Stress-Free Backup and Recovery

No more waiting. Our self-service portal empowers application owners to quickly backup and recover application data. And with our error-proof tools, and backup to cloud and NAS, you’ll all rest easy.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Leverage Nutanix intelligent snapshots for rapid recovery and storage dense nodes for storing backups. Let employees use the hypervisors you have and the skills they know to manage robust data protection.

Boost Efficiencies and Agility

Your IT team and application owners get more done, easier, faster and better – so business users aren’t interrupted by incomplete recoveries.

Ensure SLO Compliance

Creating, applying, enforcing and delivering service level objectives has never been easier. Do it with confidence.

Efficient Backup Combined with DR for ROBO environments

With Nutanix and HYCU, customers get the best of both worlds. They get combined DR and backup, without requiring incremental human resources and by saving nearly 50 percent on the network bandwidth cost.

Complementing Nutanix Innovation

With Nutanix and HYCU, Acropolis File Services (AFS) users have the first purpose-built data protection support for impact-free, agentless file-share backup. With the new support, users can back up in a fraction of the time it takes for legacy backup.

Nutanix Monitoring Made Easy on Microsoft Management Platforms

Hyperconvergence is all about keeping IT simple. HYCU empowers IT to take back the data center without breaking a sweat – not just with superior data protection, but also with powerful monitoring.

HYCU delivers the only application-centric monitoring solutions for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud that natively integrate into Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Operations Management Suite (OMS).

Validated Solution:

  • HYCU Management Pack for Nutanix is validated on AHV, vSphere and Hyper-V

HYCU SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix

Take charge effortlessly. Keep applications running without consuming all your time.

No More Islands

Get visibility into all Nutanix clusters and everything affecting applications in a single SCOM console.

Whole-Stack View

Get a complete view of the entire Nutanix application-delivery stack, including automatically identifying applications within each VM as well as application backups.

Tighter Integration with Data Protection

For Nutanix or Backup admins that are not usually responsible for data protection compliance like the Application admin or IT Manager, they gain access to alerts on when the last backup failure occurred.

Pinpoint and Eradicate

Quickly identify potential performance and availability issues, and their root causes. Eliminate problems before they become real and quickly fix ones that are unavoidable.

HYCU OMS Solution for Nutanix

Instant analytics for Nutanix monitoring, for when every second counts.


Get Results in Seconds

Get a consolidated view of all log files across Nutanix Controller VMs (CVMs), immediately, without manually delving into any hosts. Use the power of OMS to quickly return query results.

Extend Your OMS Investment

HYCU is the only solution that uses OMS for Nutanix monitoring and analytics. And because we’re in the cloud, there’s no costly hardware or on-premises software.

Fix Latency by Measuring SSD to HDD Ratios

Find out if slow applications are caused by the latency of hosting Nutanix clusters on slow storage. If the ratio of solid state disks vs. hard disk drive drops, it’s time to add more SSDs.

Simplify Your Day, Improve Your Business with HYCU and Nutanix